14 Ways to Make Dog Collar without Sewing & Webbing

When I was given this keyword to write a detailed article on, I was told to include at least 5 ways.

And tbh, I wasn’t expecting I’d find many enough to make it.

Because either people don’t even think of other ways around other than just sewing a collar when making one themselves

Or just simply buy one.

But despite being sceptical of it, I scoured the internet, poured hours into research, and finally succeeded in delivering a blog cutting you right to a list of ways of making a dog collar without sewing and webbing.

And I can tell you this.

This article is as encompassing as I was initially sceptical of it.

So read on to discover:

  • How to make a dog collar without sewing from:
    • different stuff
    • using a dog collar
  • How to make a dog collar without webbing

There are 14 ways included, so browse between those and make the one that seems to best suit your dog.

Most of the required material would be lying around you in your home and some might have to be bought from the market.

Dominant Dog Collar (Standard Dog Collar)

Dominant Dog Collar (Standard Dog Collar)

I couldn’t find many collar-making methods that involve no sewing and webbing for big dogs, and this one alone has offset that.

Supplies required

  • Rope, O-rings, clasp, Duct tape
  • Scissor

If you have got a dog belonging to strong dog breeds such as German shepherds, Siberian huskies, Labradors, and Dobermans, this is one of the best things you can make for him.


Cut a long piece of rope that you can fold into halves and attach clasps and still, it should fit snugly when put on.

Here is a detailed video guide:

Velvet Dollar Tree Dog Collar

Velvet Dollar Tree Dog Collar

If you ask me, this collar seems to best suit all small-sized cute dogs or brachycephalic dog breeds, or some calm dogs, but you can still give it a shot for your big guy.

Supplies required

  • Dog collar (can use your dog collar or buy from the link)
  • Velvet ribbon
  • Iron-on letters
  • Iron, Hot glue


You have to measure the size of your dog’s neck and cut the velvet ribbon that long and stick letters on it, and in the end, stick the ribbon on the collar. Sticking will be done using hot glue.

Here is the video guide:

Demanding but Rewarding DIY Collar

Demanding but Rewarding DIY Collar

When I say it’s demanding but rewarding, I literally mean it. This is a temporary outfit sort of thing for your canine fellow. This is like super expensive dresses we occasionally wear.


You can find all the supplies easily at home and on Amazon.

  • Double-sided Tape 5/8, Double-sided Tape 1/2
  • Collar Hardware, D-Ring, Webbing
  • Poker, Crimper, Snap Set, Torch Lighter


You just have to make a collar that uses snaps, you will be playing with strips.

Here is the detailed video guide:

Paracord Dog Collar

Paracord Dog Collar

Ever done hair braiding? Then this art is a piece of cake for you.

Paracord strands offer you great resilience in terms of making patterns. You have them, you can braid them whatever way you like.

Supplies Required

  • Paracord rolls of your colour choice
  • Metal D ring or O ring
  • A pair of scissors
  • Buckle
  • Soldering gun or Lighter or matchbox
  • And dedication


Like all the time, measure your dog’s neck and as per the size, cut, fold, and weave the paracord strands. You have to keep making loops until you don’t reach the targeted/desired size.

Here are a few videos you can follow, and apart from them, you can also search on YouTube for more and better designs.

Upcycled Dog Collar

Upcycled Dog Collar

The world is on a cycle of upcycling. These girls have left me astounded with their creativity.

Irrespective of your dog size, these two sisters are doing recycling with personal benefits: collars and leashes. So ready for upcycling? Let’s turn “used” into “unused”.

Supplies required

  • Old belt, Scissor, Crimper
  • Purse strap for leash

The better belt, the better collar.


You should know your dog’s neck size and cut the old belt that long. Shape the strap’s end like a triangle.

Here, you must have holes in the belt so you could sew a D ring onto it, which can be done with some thread and a needle.

Here is a detailed video guide, including the making of two collars:

Apart from collars, they taught leash-making without sewing too.

Handmade Leather Dog Collar for All Breeds

Handmade Leather Dog Collar for All Breeds

Leather products are known for enhancing appearance irrespective of by whom they are used or worn.

I have always liked leather products but never made one, and so might have you. Making a leather collar, and that without sewing and webbing is a great way to get a taste of the leather industry.

Supplies Required

  • Basic leatherworking tool (there are a lot of leatherworking tools kits available on Amazon, just check what can fulfil your demands)
  • Buckle, D ring
  • A fat quarter of leather


I don’t have anything to say except to ask you to take your dog’s neck size into account, and the rest is a lot.

Here is a link to the video of making:

Dog Collar from Old Clothes

If you want to make braided collars without paracord strands, then it is doable with straps of old clothes.

Get straps of different colours of your choice and get them hooked on something and start braiding.

Here is a video guide:

Dog Collar from a Tie (involves basic sewing with needle and thread)

The patterns you get on your ties can’t be found on dog collars. And moulding out a tie into a collar would be extremely fascinating.

Here is a quick yet enough article video:

Rhinestone Dog Collar

Have you got your dogs something to wear on Christmas day? If not, give this glowing collar to glow with the colours of Christmas.

Dog Scrunchie Collar

Dog Scrunchie Collar

A scrunchie is a go-to thing for women, let’s make it for your Bella, too.

If you’ve got a cute puppy, this DIY collar is worth to be given a shot as a casual collar.

Supplies Required

  • A fat quarter with ravishing patterns
  • Tape measure, Scissors, Hot glue


Measure your dog collar and cut a strip twice its length and twice its width. Hot glue the seams down and fold the strip into two halves so it could become a cover sort of thing. Turn it inside out, and pass the collar through, leaving both buckles out. Accumulate fabric around the nylon part.

Get better insights from the video below:

Dog Collar & Bowtie

Does your dog give you good vibes? How about wearing him a bowtie and a collar made from one of your shirts?

Material Required

  • Dress shirt and fabric
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Marker, tape measure
  • Velcro

Here is a short video guide you can play at 2x and decide whether to make it or not.

Dog Collar Bandana

We have concepts of wearing ties and what dogs have?

It is a dog collar bandana.


  • Nylon or polyester strap of your choice
  • Plastic buckle, metal split key rings
  • Some decorations, scissors, measuring tape
  • Glue, pencil

Steps Involved

Cut the nylon or polyester strap your dog’s neck size long and attach the buckle with the strap with glue and pass the key ring.

Here is a video guide:

DIY Dog Collar Using Shoelaces

This method is the same as the paracord one.

Things pivot around correct measurements and your used or old shoelaces.

Here is a video link to how to make it:

Ocean-inspired Bohemian Style Dog Collar

At first sight, you can’t digest something like a collar that can be made with rolls of threads.

Supplies required

  • Rolls of threads of your choice
  • Buckle, D ring


As always, you have to have measurements, and keeping them forth, you have to braid threads as mothers do their daughter’s hair.

Consider it as a wedding dress for small dogs they can occasionally wear.

Here is a detailed video guide:

Final Words on Making a Dog Collar without Sewing and Webbing

When I was given the keyword “how to make a dog collar without sewing and webbing”, I was literally clueless about why have to make a collar without sewing and webbing.

So if this is just because you don’t know sewing and still make a collar to save some a few bucks, very few of the methods will align with you. The rest of them demand unusual supplies we usually don’t have at home.

Pretty important to bear in mind: make sure these collars get broken upon applying stress.

I learned a lot while making no-sew dog collars and I hoped you would have enjoyed it too.

Tbh, initially, I could not figure out why would someone want to make a dog collar without sewing and webbing.

So last but not the least, do tell me the reason behind making a dog collar without sewing in the comment section. 🙂

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