Do Cats Need Flea Treatment if They Don’t Go Outside?

Cats can get fleas without going outside. There are cats never go outside, but they had a horrible flea infestation that required about over three months of treatment to get rid of.

Fleas can get into a house on other pets (in my case dogs) that do go outside, and from there can jump onto the cats who don’t go outside.

Fleas can get into a house on mice, and then the cats can catch the fleas when they catch the mice.

Your cat is prone to getting flea is dependent on where you live as well as your lifestyle. If you happen to live in an area where there is a possibility of fleas where you go, then it is possible for you to carry them in on your clothes. Also, if your cats go near a screen and an animal comes near the other side where they might smell noses, fleas might get into your home. If nothing like that is likely to happen, then you can feel less concerned about preventing fleas. Just don’t go into any wooded area and they don’t come into contact with any outside animals. Is it possible that they could get fleas? Yes, but not likely. You can use flea prevention measures if own a dog along with cats, obviously, the dog is used to being outside a lot and so the possibility of getting fleas was much greater at that time. If there is a possibility, though, of your cats getting fleas, remember that flea prevention is a lot easier than flea removal.

Bottom line

It depends on where you live. Some areas of the country have perpetual problems with fleas, some areas have little to no flea problem. If you live in an area where fleas live; you must use flea preventative whether your cat goes outside or not. There are too many ways that fleas can enter your home to take a chance on your cat getting fleas. Fleas drink blood and can transmit diseases to your cat. Please get your cat to the Vet and get him/her on the appropriate flea treatment.

I’ve had cats for 30 years and they never needed a flea treatment, the only time one of my cats needed flea treatment is when he got out one day. The vet told me they can still get fleas if they don’t go out because we can bring the fleas in or the fleas can come in through a screen. So if you live in a wooded area or someplace that has a lot of grass then they might be able to get them if you open a window or if they get on your clothes and you bring them in.


If your cats are strictly indoor cats and you are taking care of everything you don’t need to use flea meds. Also, unless needed, it is not ideal to use them; they are harsh & toxic & can make your cat sick.

Yes, no matter what others would say, you must treat your cat on a regular basis as fleas can enter your house in many ways so you should use flea treatment to protect your pet from a flea infestation and also from fleas caused diseases.

I would say yes. Better to be safe. Fleas may get tracked in on people’s clothes from outdoors or if another animal visits or get close to you or your animals they can easily jump from one to another.

However and wherever they get them, if cats get fleas they need flea treatment.

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