Puppies, Dog Treats and Diarrhea: A Comprehensive Guide

Switching Dog Treats Switching treats and then dealing with diarrhea is a relatively common happening among puppy owners, even worse if the novel treat is rich. Why Switching Treats Causes Puppies Diarrhea Puppies experience diarrhea when their digestive system can’t adjust to a change/switch in their intake, including treats, so here are reasons why the … Read more

How to Make Homemade Towel Dog Cone that Works

Homemade Towel Dog Cone

When I published my all-encompassing article on making an unshreddable pool noodle dog cone, it got me two things coming: 1. Overwhelming response to the article. 2. A request for a comfy DIY dog cone that can parallel specifically an inflatable or BiteNot dog collar. And that made me realize two things: First, I wasn’t pouring hours into these articles … Read more

Best/Right Combination of Collar and Harness

When wearing their dog both restraints, dog owners don’t even realize how picking the best/right combination of collar and harness can relieve their dog and make both 75% more comfortable to wear. Don’t have a clue what to choose with what? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. In this article, after pouring hours into research, I … Read more

Can Dog Flea Collars be Used on Cats or Vice Versa?

Canine-feline owners, about every product, from toys to food to medication, happen to wonder whether it can be used for both of their pets. And therefore, the internet is deluged with their naive yet some climacteric questions. I chose two of those repeatedly asked must-have-certified-answers questions to answer: Can dog flea collars be used on … Read more