Can a Dog Wear the Collar in the Crate? 2 Reasons Never

Can a dog wear the collar in the crate? The succinct answer is NO. Yes, collars and crates are supposed to be securing and safe moves, and yes, they are, but not when used together. Together, they put your dog at the stake of getting choked, even to death.

According to a report published in 2018, around 26,000 dogs die or almost die every year due to strangulation predominately of things you put on them and put them in—collar, buckle, crate, etc.

Suffocation due to getting hooked or caught on a collar on a fence post, a window latch, doorknobs while jumping, and even while playing with other dogs has happened.

So you might be likely to ask, “So when should I dog wear a collar?”

Here are a few notes as a takeaway;

  • A collar or harness should be put on the dog only when he is under your eyes of yours.
  • A collar or harness is supposed to be taken off the dog when you are crating him or he is playing with someone or another dog, or even when there are objects around that can hang the collar.
  • It is safest to send your dog naked in his crate, because this way, every possible danger diminishes. The hooking or getting caught of swirling tag or buckle or even collar with crate bars or fences can lead to choking your dog.
  • If you are in a must situation where you are running out of choices, you have breakaway collars or steel slide-on pet ID tags as pretty good alternatives to go with.
  • Dog collars have been dangerous as much as they are considered safe.
  • Strangliszation of dogs due to collars has been happening since day one.

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